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Tom stars in new Doctor Who audio book Demon Quest - sequel to The Hornets' Nest.

Posted on: Thursday, August 05, 2010

Doctor Who – Demon Quest

A new range of five audio adventures starring Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor

From the makers of the hugely popular Doctor Who – Hornets’ Nest come a further five adventures, written by Paul Magrs and featuring the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker), Mrs Wibbsey (Susan Jameson) and Mike Yates (Richard Franklin)

Tom with Richard Franklin and Susan Jameson
© Michael Stevens/AudioGo Ltd
The five stories (with release date)

• The Relics of Time (Sept 10)
• The Demon of Paris (Oct 10)
• A Shard of Ice (Nov 10)
• Starfall (Dec 10)
• Sepulchre (Dec 10)

Featuring specially composed music and sound effects, Demon Quest has a guest cast including Nigel Anthony, Samuel West, Jan Francis, Rowena Cooper, Lorelei King and many more.

Written by Paul Magrs
Produced by Kate Thomas
Script Editor & Executive Producer: Michael Stevens
Sound design by Simon Hunt
Audio Editor: Neil Gardner

Tom with Rowena Cooper, Finty Williams and Susan Jameson 
© Michael Stevens/AudioGo Ltd

Storylines .........


Returning to Nest Cottage one year after the events of Hornets’ Nest, the Doctor finds Mrs Wibbsey settled into the local community. But when a vital component of the TARDIS goes missing, it seems the Doctor’s housekeeper is to blame. All they have in return is a bag of strange artefacts. Each seems to be a clue, leading them on a paper chase through Time. First stop: Roman Britain, and the case of a wizard who is not all he seems…


Someone has painted the Doctor’s likeness into a famous poster, and it leads him and Mrs Wibbsey to Paris in the 1890s, home of countless artisans and their muses. There is murder on the streets, and whispers that Toulouse-Lautrec is to blame. Immersed in both the delights of the Moulin Rouge and the shadows of Montmarte Cemetary, the travellers soon discover the gruesome truth…


Reunited with Mike Yates, the Doctor heads further back in time, to an isolated European landscape of snow and ice. Literally enmeshed in the pages of a fairy tale, they must confront the Ice Queen who once placed a shard of ice in the heart of Albert Tiermann – storyteller to the King. But horror lurks in the mountains, and once again the Doctor is stalked by a familiar enemy.


It’s New York, 1976, and a meteorite has landed in Central Park. Alice Trefusis touches it and is given the powers of a superheroine, just like in the comic books. When the TARDIS arrives on the trail of yet another clue, something is immediately wrong with the Doctor. What strange force is sapping his strength – and who are all those other Doctors…?


Hot on the trail of Mrs Wibbsey, the Doctor and Mike arrive at their final destination. Who has lured them there, and why? On Sepulchre, all will be revealed…

The box set DOCTOR WHO – HORNETS’ NEST will also be published in September 2010.

Tom with Samuel West
© Michael Stevens/AudioGo Ltd


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