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Dr Who

Series 13


October – November 1975

“I’m not a human being. I walk in eternity.”
Doctor to Sarah, episode 1

The Doctor has decided to resign his position of scientific advisor to Earth’s alien defence organisation, UNIT. But his announcement is temporarily deferred when the TARDIS arrives at the right place but at the wrong time, some 70 years before the UNIT HQ would be located there. Something has drawn the TARDIS off course, and that something is the power of an Egyptian God, Sutekh (Gabriel Woolf), seeking to break free from ancient bonds cast by his brother, Horus.

Tom as the Doctor with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
beside an Egyptian mummy case.  Picture © BBC

Trapped inside an energy bubble surrounding the gardens and woodlands of an old priory in 1911, the Doctor and Sarah have to evade murderous Egyptian mummy-shaped robots, despatched by Sutekh, who is constructing a pyramid-shaped rocket to end his imprisonment deep inside an Egyptian burial chamber.

The Doctor knows his only hope of averting subsequent universal annihilation is by directly confronting his opponent before he frees himself.  But how can he prevail against a creature with the mental and physical powers of a God?  His one chance … and his only chance, is to use his own knowledge and skills in the manipulation of time.

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Did you know..?

Regarded as one of the most popular Doctor Who stories ever ‘Pyramids of Mars’ was filmed in the grounds of Stargrove Manor in Hampshire, one of the homes owned by Rolling Stones’ singer, Mick Jagger. Appropriately Tom Baker’s costume was modified for the occasion, with a longer, brown-velvet coat replacing his red hacking jacket.


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