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Dr Who

Series 13


August – September 1975

“You can’t rule the world in hiding. You’ve got to come out onto the balcony sometimes and wave a tentacle”
Doctor to Broton, the Zygon commander, episode 4

Reunited at last with the TARDIS, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry go back to present day Scotland, responding to a summons from the Brigadier to investigate the sinking of several North Sea oil rigs.

Tom as the Doctor examines a piece of equipment
watched by Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.   Picture © BBC

The rigs are being sunk by the Skarasen, a huge creature, part lizard, part cyborg that has, for centuries, served the crew of a stranded spacecraft piloted by embryo-shaped alien Zygons, moored underwater close to the ancestral home of the Duke of Forgill. Discovering that his home planet has recently been destroyed, Broton (John Woodnutt), leader of these Zygon bipeds, has become tired of hiding from humanity. Armed with the invincible Skarasen, he now intends to attack Earth's leaders as phase one of a plan to take control of this planet.

Assisted by soldiers from the Brigadier’s United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) the Doctor pursues the Zygons from Scotland to the banks of the Thames. The Zygons are eventually destroyed but the monster, rendered harmless by the death of its masters, is free to swim back to Loch Ness, the only home it knows.

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Did you know..?

Although the greater majority of this story was set in Scotland, BBC budgets would not extend to filming that far from London. West Sussex was able to provide suitable alternative scenery, but as well as faux lochs and highlands, filming in March added another Scottish trademark – very wet weather – which delayed shooting so severely that two extra days had to be scheduled


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