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Dr Who

Series 12


April – May 1975

“You’re nothing but a pathetic bunch of tin soldiers, skulking about the galaxy in an ancient spaceship!”
Doctor to the Cyberleader, episode 3

The Doctor’s party returns back to space station, Nerva (see The Ark in Space synopsis), but years before its conversion into a cryogenic ark.  Arriving during its former guise as a navigation beacon for space vessels, the group is horrified to find plague has ravaged the station, leaving only a handful of survivors. And one of them, Kellman (Jeremy Wilkin), is apparently in league with another of the Doctor’s deadliest foes throughout his many incarnations, the Cybermen.

Tom as the Doctor with a Cyberman looming up behind him.  Picture © BBC

Nerva is orbiting Voga, the planet of gold. Gold played a vital role in defeating the Cybermen during the Cyber-war – particles of gold proving highly effective in choking Ctbermen’s breathing apparatus – and now a contingent of Cybermen intends to destroy Voga, aided by their hired mercenary, Kellman.

But Kellman has deeper motives. The Doctor learns that, in return for large payments of gold, Kellman will help the Vogans deploy a Skystriker missile against the remaining Cybermen once they have captured Nerva Beacon. Somehow the Doctor must square up to both sides to have the slightest chance of saving Voga, the space station and its surviving crew.

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Did you know..?

Location filming took place in Wookey Hole Caves, Somerset, a network of cavern reputedly haunted by the spirit of a witch. Sure enough production was held up several times due to illnesses, accidents and, once, by a malfunctioning motor-boat that nearly drowned Tom Baker’s stunt double, Terry Walsh.

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