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Dr Who

Series 14

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The Masque of Mandragora...While the Doctor is giving Sarah a tour of the TARDIS, the ship is drawn into the heart of the Mandragora Helix...

The Hand of Fear...The TARDIS ferries the Doctor and Sarah forward to present day England, but lands in a quarry just in time for the pair to narrowly escape being buried under a rock-clearing explosion.

The Deadly Assassin...On his way back to Gallifrey, the Time Lords’ planet, a dream-like vision warns the Doctor he will be responsible for assassinating a retiring Time Lord President.

The Face of Evil...Arriving on a distant planet, the Doctor is befriended by Leela, from the Sevateem Tribe.

The Robots of Death...Leela's first journey in the TARDIS is to a Sandminer, an ocean liner-sized machine trawling the deserts of a wind-lashed planet in search of precious ores.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang...The Doctor promises a trip to see Victorian theatre, but Leela's first visit to late 19th Century London stalls almost as soon as it starts when the pair witness the macabre murder of a cab driver by a gang of Chinese Tong members.


Tom Baker as The Doctor in the Dr Who adventure 'The Hand of Fear'

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