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Dr Who

Series 13

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Terror of the Zygons...Assisted by soldiers from the Brigadier’s United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) the Doctor pursues the Zygons from Scotland to the banks of the Thames.

Planet of Evil... Here, on the fringes of creation, borders between the universes of matter and anti-matter are very thin.

Pyramids of Mars...Trapped inside an energy bubble that surrounds the gardens and woodlands of an old priory in 1911, the Doctor and Sarah must evade murderous Egyptian mummy-shaped robots...

The Android Invasion...Moving forward in time, the TARDIS appears to materialise in a sun-drenched woodland glade, close to the English village of Devesham...

The Brain of Morbius...Confined to a glass tank the essence of Morbius is now ready to be housed into a new physical body – the body of the Doctor.

The Seeds of Doom...A team of scientists excavates two vegetable pods embedded deep within the Antarctic permafrost.


Tom and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith in the jungles of Zeta Minor

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