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Dr Who

Series 12

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Robot...Stumbling back to Earth a radiation-ravaged Doctor was saved from imminent death only by his Time Lord powers of bodily regeneration.

The Ark in Space...Arriving aboard this silent ark in the Doctor’s TARDIS, he, Sarah and Harry discover the survivors have missed their wake up alarm by several thousand years.

The Sontaran Experiment...The Doctor learns his opponent is a foe familiar from an encounter had by one of his previous incarnations.

Genesis of the Daleks...Teleported to the planet Skaro, the Doctor, with Sarah and Harry, arrives during the closing stages of a long and terrible nuclear/chemical war between the Thals and the Kaleds.

Revenge of the Cybermen...The Doctor’s party returns back to space station, Nerva, but years before its conversion into a cryogenic ark.



Tom Baker as the Doctor in Robot

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