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Tom's autobiography: excerpt from chapter 17  

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The first story, still under his (Berry Letts') production, was about a giant robot played by Michael Killgariff, a very tall man with a big voice. He was splendid as the tin threat in the story but the office didn't seem to know anything about Michael apart from his tallness. Of course the rest of us in the cast knew how well Michael could perform as a music-hall artiste. He could play the piano and sing and spin all those lovely improbable Edwardian monologues that have lasted so well, and he had a marvellous natural authority as a chairman; he's great at being in charge.

Now it struck me very quickly that just being a solemn threat to the earth was not very surprising. I kept thinking to myself how it might be interesting if the Giant Robot had not been programmed perfectly. It occurred to me that if he suddenly went into some song like say 'The Galloping Major' or 'There's an Old Mill by the Stream, Nellie Deane' then the earth people led by the Brigadier, Nick Courtney, would have something to react to. …….Of course I didn't dare mention these thoughts to Barry Letts or Philip Hinchcliffe. I was still in the early moments of my deep gratitude to them for the chance to earn a living.

Tom and Sue outside The Bell House

© Tom Baker 1997
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