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Dr Who

Series 16

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The Ribos Operation...The Guardian of Light in Time, a god-like being even mightier than a Time Lord, has a mission for the Doctor.

The Pirate Planet...The locator steers the Doctor, Romana and K-9 to Zanak, a hollowed out planet capable of materialising around other worlds...

The Stones of Blood...Romana pays her first visit to Earth as the locator leads the team to an ancient stone circle on Boscombe Moor.

The Androids of Tara...At first he believes Romana is an escaped android because she resembles the Princess Strella.

The Power of Kroll...K-9 is left in the TARDIS as Romana and the Doctor wade through the marshes of Delta-Magna's third moon.

The Armageddon Factor...Pursuit of the final segment takes the Doctor and Romana to an area of space where twin planets, Atrios and Zeos, are engaged in full-scale nuclear war with each other.


Tom Baker as Dr Who in The Ribos Operation

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