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Dr Who

Series 15

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Horror of Fang Rock...The Doctor breaks another promise to Leela when, instead of taking her to Edwardian Brighton, the TARDIS lands them miles away on the fog-shrouded island of Fang Rock...

The Invisible Enemy...Using equipment in Marius’s lab, short-lived clones of the Doctor and Leela are created, miniaturised and injected into the real Doctor’s spinal cord.

Image of the Fendahl...The Doctor becomes concerned when TARDIS instruments detect a sonic time scanning machine operating somewhere on Earth in the 20th Century.

The Sun Makers...When the TARDIS lands on Pluto, millions of years in the future, the Doctor is amazed to find a colony of humans there, living under the light of several small artificial suns...

Underworld...The TARDIS travellers land aboard a spaceship piloted by four seemingly immortal astronauts from the planet Minyos, which disintegrated a hundred thousand years ago.

The Invasion of Time...At the Doctor’s trial during his last visit to Gallifrey he managed to buy extra time to continue his investigations into unmasking the real killer by declaring himself a candidate for the vacant Time Lord Presidency.


Tom Baker as Dr Who in The Invasion of Time

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