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Little Britain: The Complete Collection

Narrated by Tom Baker


Little Britain: The Complete Collection

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Little Britain was the injection that the British comedy sketch-show needed.

Matt Lucas and David Walliams have created a host of bizarre characters on a surreal but hilarious tour of the British Isles and its curious inhabitants.

Narrator Tom Baker adds insightful and eloquent comments throughout the odyssey!

All of modern Britain is here, including favourites such as Daffyd, the only gay in the village; Jason, the teenager with an unhealthy attraction to his best friend's granny; Marjorie Dawes, the terrifying Fat-fighter group leader and Emily Howard, the rubbish transvestite who likes doing 'ladies things'.


Product Information

Release date: 19/11/2007
Format: DVD Pal
BBC product reference number: bbcdvd2480
Contains: 8 discs
Region: 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East (including Egypt)



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