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Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment

Starring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen


Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment

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Directed by: Rodney Bennett
Produced by: Philip Hinchcliffe
Written by: Dave Martin


The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry return from the space station Nerva Beacon to a future Earth, a place long abandoned by the human race. But soon they discover a shipwrecked crew of human astronauts being hunted down by a creature that lives in the rocks. What is the purpose of their lethal tests, and can the Doctor ensure the safety of the Earth for future generations of humankind?


Audio Commentary by actress Elisabeth Sladen, co-writer Bob Baker and producer Philip Hinchcliffe.

Built for War - A specially produced 39-minute documentary on the genesis and development of the Sontaran race through the history of the series, as told by some of the actors and production team involved. Includes contributions from Terrance dicks, Elisabeth Sladen, Anthony Read, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Bob Baker, Eric Saward and Stuart Fell
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Digitally remastered picture and sound quality.


Product Information

Release date: 09/10/2006
Format: DVD Pal
BBC product reference number: bbcdvd1811
Contains:  1 disc
Duration: 49 minutes
Region: 2 (Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East (including Egypt)




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