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Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars

Starring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen 


Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars

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Directed by: Paddy Russell
Produced by: Philip Hinchcliffe
Written by: Stephen Harris


As the Doctor and Sarah attempt to return to UNIT HQ, the TARDIS is thrown off course and materializes in 1911 at an old priory owned by Egyptologist Marcus Scarman. While excavating a tomb, the archaeologist became possessed by the spirit of Sutekh, the last survivor of the godlike Osirans. The Doctor and Sarah witness strange and deadly events as Sutekh, who has lain imprisoned in a pyramid for thousands of years, employs Scarman and a legion of robotic mummies in an elaborate scheme that may bring about the destruction of the world.


Commentary by actors Elisabeth Sladen and Michael Sheard, producer Philip Hinchcliffe with contributions from director Paddy Russell
Osirian Gothic New exclusive documentary
Deleted and extended scenes
Now & Then Revisits the Stargrove locations
Serial Thrillers An in-depth look at Doctor Who in the Philip Hinchcliffe era
Oh Mummy - A spoof look at Sutekh's career post-Pyramids.Production Note Option
Photo Gallery
Easter egg


Format: DVD Fullscreen
Contains: 1 disc
Duration: 1 hours 40 mins
Region: 1 (USA, Canada & US Territories)
Subtitles: Not available for this product




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