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Tom Baker
Hi Tom, hope you are well. Just wanted to say how much I loved your performances as the Doctor. Head and shoulders the greatest D octor of them all. Your cameo made the 50th special for me. Hope the current people at the BBC offer you an opportunity to appear in the new series. Would have loved to have seen the 30th anniversary show with the Cyberman concept art so ahead of its time. Thanks Tom, for lighting up Saturday night TV in the 70s and 80s. You are a legend!
22 April 2014Posted by Owen from Wales
My dad's butchers shop.
Tom, I don't know if you remember but you used to buy you meat from my dad's butcher shop in Harrietsham when you lived near Lenham in Kent. I was lucky to have met you there many times while you and he would talk in the shop, and eat my mum's sausage sandwiches. You were always my Doctor and my hero while I was growing up, but you also became my dad's hero too and he always looked forward to your visits. He told a group of his friends "I would rather have Tom as a customer than the Queen". He was very proud to have known you Tom, and spoke of you with great affection. My dad died two years ago, but always talked about your visits to his little shop. For my part, people say you should never meet your hero's, I'm so glad I had the chance to meet mine more than once, and eat sausage sandwiches together. All my best wishes.
21 April 2014Posted by David Wheeler from Stratford Upon Avon
Favorite Dr.
You'll always be my favorite Doctor...
21 April 2014Posted by Patty from Maine, U.S.A.
My hero
Just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation. When I was 5, I used to rush home after school to watch my favorite show, Doctor Who on public broadcasting. Whenever anyone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I naturally replied "The Doctor". Everyone assumed I meant "a doctor" so eventually I got tired of explaining the difference and just went along with it. It was a weird way to get into medicine, but it has been a good career as a pediatrician thus far. I have successfully introduced my niece and nephew (ages 5 and 7) to the show now and they love you as well. Cheer Tom and thanks for keeping a very bored and lonely kid entertained for nearly 4 decades.
20 April 2014Posted by Byron Crider M.D. from Kentucky, USA.
Doctor who & me
Mr. Baker, your part in the 50th anniversary is much appreciated!!
While 10th is my favourite doctor & 11th is very likeable, I very much enjoyed your "curator" part towards the end - your presence added a whole new flavour.
Might I add, that Dr Who has (surprisingly) been a very big inspiration for me personally; beyond all the "make-believe", "over the top" is a spirit - or should I say 'The spirit' of Doctor Who, which taught me (the world, actually; I am but a minisicule part) what I may best be able to sum up in one sentence as "even the most powerful boat cannot go where the fragile paper boat can" - in other words, the power of imagination, dealing with life and its happiness & losses all the same - something which is very close to my heart - a part of me.
It is therefore an honour to convey my message to you, and while I certainly understand that you are unable to reply, I hope that you read this.
19 April 2014Posted by Beth from Calcutta
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