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Best Wishes
Mr. Baker, I'm sure you get thousands - perhaps millions of well wishers with stories of gratitude. I will echo those sentiments with a personal quip. I understand as an actor your time as the Doctor as one of many roles in a lifetime-from the standpoint of a young American pre-teen in the 1980's - when heroes came in 1 size - huge- and 1 gun size - huge- when little of the heart and mind was valued in finding solutions, your portrayal of someone smart, yet playful, decisive, yet with responsibility, curiosity, with passion and empathy. Those are traits and characteristics that you gave to your role which by fate could continue to grow over time. It may be an interesting legacy, but this is a heroes story, and these are the stories that through time define us - from Gilgamesh, Achilles, Ulysses, Arthur, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes etc. - Thank you for defining a hero, whether intentional or not for generations of people who sought and still seek role models who can be confident with who they are, and can overcome obstacles with their minds and heart equally.
All the best, good Sir! Thank you!
30 July 2014Posted by Christopher Imhof from Denver, Colorado
Fave Dr Who
Hello Tom.
I have been a huge fan of your era Dr Who since I was young. My 8 year old daughter also loves your era and as I write this she is watching Destiny of the Daleks on DVD. We both cheered when we saw you in Day of the Doctor at the cinema.
Best regards
Matt & Lizzie Ridgey
29 July 2014Posted by Matt Ridgley from Gloucestershire
Made me smile
I was feeling a bit sad today. So I looked for things to improve my mood. So here I am, reading your newsletters, looking at pictures and remembering MY Doctor and all the wonderful adventures you took me on via the television. Thank you so much Tom Baker. Thank you so very, very much for creating a Doctor that can always make me smile.
29 July 2014Posted by Dana Hunter from Montclair, NJ USA
Hello :) Just really saying a belated 'thanks' for when you autographed my issue of Marvel's Dr Who comic, and my copy of Dr Who and the Deadly Assassin book at Stars newsagents in Wolverhampton way back in 1979. You made this kid's day, indeed decade! A true gentleman and a scholar, and sparked a lifelong love of science fiction and fact that's with me to this day - bless you sir! :)
27 July 2014Posted by Simon from Ipswich
You were ans still are a true inspiration to me.
First off Tom, I would like to say thank you for filling my childhood with some of the greates Doctor Who moments ever put on television; and fueled countless dreams. I would watch with my father, as you were and still are his favorite of all the doctors to ever grace the character. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
26 July 2014Posted by Scott A. Boggs from Oak Hill, Ohio, United States
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