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Changing Lives
Last night I was skyping with my dad, and when I mentioned going to a convention, he lit up so suddenly it was almost frightening. My dad, the Marine—248lbs of muscle and a dragon tattoo, sun-baked and wrinkled from years of manual labor and stress—was grinning like a little girl about to meet a Disney princess, practically bouncing in his chair.
“Do you think Tom Baker is gonna be there?”
I told him I didn’t know, even tho I was positive you weren't on the lineup.
“Well, if he does show up, you have to get me his autograph. Tell him I grew up watching him as the Doctor.”
And as I sat, awestruck at the transformation that had come over my father, he told me a story. He told me about one day, when he was very small, sitting in front of the television watching the Doctor try and escape a space station to the TARDIS, which was waiting just out of reach. He told me how it was too far to jump, how the Doctor would never make it on his own. So, clever man that he is, the Doctor pulled a ball from his pocket and threw it, bouncing it off the space station, giving him the momentum he needed to sail out to the TARDIS.
My father grinned. “I remember, that moment, that was the first time I really had an understanding of physics, like, how science is everywhere, and… I don’t know, it’s just the coolest thing.”
And I realized that what I just heard was the defining moment of my father’s life, the moment that instilled a love of science in him. That love of science us what made him choose his career in the Marines, a career that led him to meet my mother. That love of science has defined his whole life, his careers, his parenting style, everything. What I had just heard, tho he never said it outright, was the moment that had changed his life.
And tho I know that you didn’t write that episode, it’s that image of you, someone my dad admired, using science as a part of his life: that has suck with my dad for years. 
And tho I know you won’t be at this Con, I still wanted to thank you for my father, for changing his life by becoming The Doctor.
03 July 2014Posted by Tillie Watkins from Utah
The Doctor
I have to say one of my fondest memories as a child was watching doctor who....and to this day I enjoy watching them.My fiancee is from England and I flew there to visit and while there I had to visit this little doctor who museum....and had I been able to meet you in person that would have been great!! I thank you for making that series so enjoyable and I would like to meet you and shake your hand.....thanks...Derrick.
02 July 2014Posted by Derrick Rice from Springfield Ohio, USA
Exit Pursued By A Bear
In 2013 I saw The Winter's Tale as produced by The Shakespeare Theater Company in Washington, D.C. They had a great EXIT Pursued By A Bear t shirt in their gift shop!!! I thought about this when I read that one of your first theater performances was as the bear!!! I will try to find a copy of the bear t shirt to put on your website.
01 July 2014Posted by Jane McLean from Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
Thank You, Tom Baker
Hello Tom! I am an absolutely, whole-heartedly, huge fan of Doctor Who! I am only a teenager but I have an unconditional passion for Classic Doctor Who above modern episodes and Doctors. When it comes to Classic Doctors you are, by a landslide, my favourite - I love your approach to being the Doctor, with your unfailing wit and humour. I also truly love the fact that you felt you didn't have to act or put on a façade to truly encompass the whole persona and character of the Doctor, and that just being yourself was enough to do justice to the role, as it honestly and evidently was. I would like to congratulate you for your vote as the overall favourite Doctor, and I thoroughly agree with that conclusion. When I saw you at the end of the 50th Anniversary episode I was unbelievably thrilled to have you appearing again in Doctor Who, as I feel that your role was truly worthy of celebrating another time! Having recently purchased an official Doctor Who merchandise replica of your scarf, I feel even more honoured to call you my favourite Doctor and permanently wear something signifying my love for Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor! So thank you endlessly for your spectacular contribution to Doctor Who and I am privileged to call you my favourite Doctor.
30 June 2014Posted by Annie Rose from Sydney, Aus
hey oh Tom
episodes of Doctor Who where you are You played the doctor arrived also here in Italy, but sin that only twenty episodes over six seasons were dubbed in Italian, but I do not really hafermato because the others I've seen them all and in English. I also learned something .. :-). You have been the best to play as the last time lord.
Your biggest fan, Joel.
P.S. a very patient my aunt made ​;​;me a replica of the robot scarf, which I use often.
28 June 2014Posted by joel from Italy
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