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Thank you very much
Dear Tom,

i did not watch Doctor Who when i was a kid. It was not until recent years that i introduced myself to the Doctor in the form of Christopher Eccleston.

When i finally watched the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who all i had seen of you where pictures and short extracts from your Doctor Who episodes. But it was enough. When i heard the words "You know, i really think you might." i could not hold back my tears. I knew Who that voice belonged to in an instant and from that point on i decided to finally watch the episodes from the "classic" era, starting with your Doctor. I am so very grateful for your performance and that you are still around to see for new fans like me. Other actors may have been the Doctor, but you ARE THE Doctor.

I guess these or similar words have been said countless times by people all over the world but i hope you understand how important it is for people like me to say these words and how lucky and grateful we are to be able to say them to you.

For my son i hope so many things, but one of them is him beeing able to appreciate you. Maybe i'll by him a certain scarf one day.

I whish you all the best
26 August 2014Posted by Michael from Germany
Thank You so Very Much
Hello, Mr. Baker. I want to thank you for the pleasures I've enjoyed from your many and diverse performances. From the most chilling portrayal ever of Rasputin in Nicholas & Alexandra, to most certainly the passionate and quirky Doctor. When I think to consider what I call truly "great television", your interpretation of the Doctor always stands out, and stirs authentically warm memories of those years now passed. So, simply put, it is a pleasure for me to have this small opportunity to say, "thank you" directly to you for crafting such fond remembrances. While I know I'm far from alone in having these sentiments, it truly is an honor to say: Thank you, Mr. Baker.
26 August 2014Posted by Eric B from Dallas, Texas
Mr. Baker, I was first introduced to "Dr. Who" in 1977 while stationed at RAF Lakenheath. The one funny thing is when you were on the 50th anniversary show at the end. When I heard your voice I was sitting on the edge of my seat. When they showed you on the show I am sure my neighbors heard me shout your name at the top of my lungs. It was a real joy seeing you on that show. I am 59 years old now and I still enjoy Dr. Who. I just wanted to say thank you.
25 August 2014Posted by Norman from Newport News, Virginia
You are THE best classic doctor!
Hello, Mr Baker.
My name is Jaison and I am 12. It was because of Lis Sladen, who played Sarah Jane, that I started my love for Doctor Who. You and Lis were brilliant on the classic Doctor Who. It was a shame I could not see the classic Who, when it was broadcast, but I can still see it on Dailymotion and YouTube.
You are the best classic Doctor in the world!
Thank you, Tom!
25 August 2014Posted by Jaison Jeyaventhan from Harrow, London
Just to say hi to the Dr..
When I discovered Dr. Who,at the time you were the Dr. And I fell in love with you and the show and after all these years. You were my favorite DR. AND. It pleases me to see you in there from time to time.
25 August 2014Posted by Joseph Oakes from Dewitt At. U.S.A.
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