Are You a Witch?

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Are You a Witch?

Postby AnthonyMcKirkson on September 7th, 2012, 3:59 am

Alright, Baker, I'll make this simple and easy. I've had my suspicions for quite some time, now, and I cannot see how you can deny them. It is my strong opinion that you are a witch. Not just mischievous or cunning... but a full on, full time, unending, immortal, evil servant of Satan, himself.

I was quite cross with you when I discovered this. I went into shock, you might say. I mean, how would you feel if your favourite Doctor Who turned out to be a demon of doom from the Dawn of Time? The rug was pulled from my feet. You own a cat, a horse, a broom, you're friends with Louise Jameson... the clothes you wear; it all pointed me in the obvious direction: you are a demon from Hell. Poor guy, I thought.

There are three options: one, you are a witch, you come clean and offer yourself up for forgiveness and exorcism, two, you are a witch, pretend you aren't a witch and go on to spred Evil, Chaos and sickness from Hell for all eternity or, three, you aren't a witch and I'm mistaken.

Now, I want a clear answer out of you, Tom. Are you a witch?

PS - I'd offer you a free exorcism for your house, too, you know, you being a childhood hero of mine and all. And free sheep sacrifices on Thursday, too. :)
'I read a book once. It was called 'Who on Earth is Tom Baker?'.' - Tom Baker, 'Little Britain'
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Re: Are You a Witch?

Postby Tom Baker on October 2nd, 2012, 8:28 pm


A witch? You may well be right. A bitch? Oh, yes. But I might be lots of other people during the average day. Yesterday on the train to London, a 75 miute journey, I became five differen people and three were very infamous. In the shadows of my imagination terrible things happened. As for the return journey, train packed, everybody at his or her mobiles...... this is a terrible confession, I became Yongle! Yes, Yongle, the Yongle, son of Ming Hong Wu. You can imagine the slaughter. One of the happiest journeys of the year.

All this is in strict confidence.

Best wishes

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