Your favorite type of question?

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Your favorite type of question?

Postby Wonkakid on February 23rd, 2012, 5:04 am

Hello Tom. Doubtless you've been asked nearly every question conceivable about your time with Dr. Who. I suspect that some have been asked more than others and that there are certain types of questions that you're asked nearly every day ("How was it being Dr Who?" "What's your favorite episode?" and "Who was your favorite companion," for example).

My question is this: what types of questions do you enjoy being asked the most (this type being one of them, presumably ;-))?

All the best,

Rob P.
Chicago, USA
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Re: Your favorite type of question?

Postby Tom Baker on February 29th, 2012, 9:59 pm

Dear Rob in Chicago,

I loved all the companions in different ways and it would not be kind go into details. But I have very tender memories of Lis Sladen. She was well established when I arrived but we both had liverpool in common and that turned out to be important. As to favourite episodes... well, there was one where I was being drowned by the villain played by Bernard Horsefall. It was very controversial and caused a certain Mrs Whitehouse to react hotly. Boy she was outraged! And it got us good publicity and I enjoyed her indignation. She died.

The questions I like are the ones that cue me for "and thereby hangs a tale."

I have good memories of Chicago.

Best wishes from Tom
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Tom Baker
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