Pet hates in the modern world

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Pet hates in the modern world

Postby John Hughes on February 9th, 2012, 5:37 pm

Hello, Tom.

I hope this finds you well?

I'm 38 years old next week, and am constantly being referred to as a Grumpy Old Man - even by those older that I.

The reason being is that I really cannot abide mobile phones. In my opinion, they are the worst ever invention and if I could ban them all, I would. In my opinion, they've just given people leave to be late for appoinments, rude on public transport and in restaurants/pubs, and have aided more extra-marital affairs than is probably healthy.

Until about 1990, the world ran pefectly well without them, and now we have the sight of toddlers demanding Blackberrys from Santa. A shame, I say.

So, I wonder, sir, do you have any "pet hates" about the modern world? Is there anything that you would "un-invent" or "outlaw".

On a lighter note, is there any invention you now find you couldn't live without?

All my good wishes,
John Hughes
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Re: Pet hates in the modern world

Postby Tom Baker on February 29th, 2012, 10:12 pm


Sounds as if you like to be prematurely grumpy. But it is fun to indulge in deep indignation. The world always runs perfectly, it doesn't care about us, not one little bit. I have never overheard anyone say anything interesting on a mobile and on the train I find it infuriating. But then mobiles liberate all sorts of lunatics to blab loudly to no one; we can't know if they are speaking to a human being or not.

And why do the girls in supermarkets sound so depressed on the PA system? Or why do they not cover up their love bites? And wouldn't be wonderful if we could send a mild electric shock to those people on Telly who are boring us to death? But hatred is not a help.

Best wishes from Tom
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Tom Baker
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