Another one of Dirk's "Heads Up Forum Posters!"

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Re: Another one of Dirk's "Heads Up Forum Posters!"

Postby pattie anne on February 24th, 2011, 4:47 pm

dear dirk -

you like the olde duck too?

here are some of my FAVE quotes:

Daffy Duck: [on an island in the distance] Hey, come here! Come here! Give me a close-up. A close-up!
[film frame contracts around Daffy]
Daffy Duck: This is a close-up?
Daffy Duck: [screaming] A close-up, you jerk! A close-up!
[camera zooms up to an extreme close-up of Daffy's blood shot eyes]
Daffy Duck: Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin.

Daffy Duck: [artist has re-drawn him as a weird flower-like creature] That's strange. All of a sudden I don't quite feel like myself. Oh, I feel all right, and yet I... I uh...
[sees himself in a mirror]

Daffy Duck: What a way to run a railroad.

Daffy Duck: [looking at corny background] That's dandy! Ho-Ho that's rich, I'll say!
Daffy Duck: Now how 'bout some color, stupid?
[Artist draws Daffy in wild, polka-dot colors]
Daffy Duck: [in a rage] Mmmmp...
[rants wildly]
Daffy Duck: Not me you slop artist!

Daffy Duck: Would it be too much to ask if we could make up our minds, hmmmm?

Daffy Duck: [after the island paradise disappears] Buster, it may come as a complete surprise to you to find that this is an animated cartoon, and that in animated cartoons they have scenery, and in all the years I've...
[as he's venting, he is slowly being erased from feet up and is silenced when his face is erased]
Daffy Duck: All right wise guy, where am I?

Daffy Duck: [after his parachute is turned into an anvil and he crashes to the ground, he is beating on the anvil with a hammer and babbling a passage from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's: The Village Smithy] "Under a spreading chestnut-tree, The village smithy stands; The smith, a mighta-ty man is he, With strong and sinewy..."
[while he is doing this, the anvil is erased and is replaced with a WWII type bomb pointing straight up. After a few more hits, the bomb explodes]
Daffy Duck: ...H-Hands...
[Daffy finally shakes himself off]
Daffy Duck: All right. Enough is enough. This is the final, the - the very, very last straw! Who's responsible for this? This... I demand that you show yourself! Who are you? Huh?
[as he's venting, a doorway with an open door is drawn around him, then the door is pushed closed by the eraser]

[projector sticks between frames]
Daffy Duck: Now what?
Daffy Duck: What are you doing down there?
Daffy Duck: Down here? What are you doing up there?
[pointing upward, sarcastically]
Daffy Duck: *Down* here.

[first lines]
Daffy Duck: Stand back, musketeers, they shall sample my blade! Touche!
[suddenly realizes that there is absolutely nothing behind him]
Daffy Duck: Musketeers? Hm? En Garde, eh? My blade? Hey, psst. Whoever's in charge here! The scenery! Where's the scenery?

Daffy Duck: [in a rage] ... And I've never be so humiliated in all my life!

Daffy Duck: All right, let's get this picture started.
[Iris out to THE END title card]
Daffy Duck: [screaming] NO! NO!

Daffy Duck: [to second Daffy] Listen bud, If you wasn't me, I'd smack you right in the puss.
Daffy Duck: Don't let that bother you, Jack.
Daffy Duck: Okay, buddy, you asked for it.

Daffy Duck: I'll tell you what. You go your way, and I'll go mine. Live and let live. Right? Right. Ladies and gentlemen. There will be no further delays, so I shall attempt to entertain you in my own iniminiminabitle fashion.

Daffy Duck: [sings] Daffy Duck he had a farm, E... I... E... I... O.
[scenery changes]
Daffy Duck: And on this farm he had an *igloo*, ee... ayyy... ee... ayyy... dohhh?

pattie anne
"And as for Tom Baker, well, I'll always be the Doctor,
won't I?" TOM BAKER
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Re: Another one of Dirk's "Heads Up Forum Posters!"

Postby The Cloaked One on May 7th, 2011, 8:54 pm

I know I do. this is the best suit I have. XD
Si-Fy and Fantasy, that is where my heart lies. To Doctor Who and its 18 years of brilliance, still waiting on the 50 yr anniversary!
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