Hornets' Nest Chapter 5 - Hive of Horror (spoilery)

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Hornets' Nest Chapter 5 - Hive of Horror (spoilery)

Postby Theta Sigma on January 5th, 2011, 3:51 am

Hive of Horror is the conclusion to the Hornets’ Nest audio story featuring the Fourth Doctor and Captain Yates.
After the dramatic cliffhanger to the previous chapter A Sting In The Tale it unremarkably gets resolved here by a single piece of dialogue. Pretty much like how the Tenth Doctor TV episode The Sound of Drums resolved the cliffhanger to Utopia.
The Doctor, Mike Yates and Mrs Wibbsey makes their journey to the hornets’ hive and its location was quite bizarre. There they encounter the hornets’ queen. Rula Lenska had played the Swarm in A Sting In The Tale, here in Hive of Horror she is the Queen.
Neat wrap up of the Hornets’ Nest story including why Mike Yates got to meet the Fourth Doctor.
Amusing the reason the Doctor gave the dog the Captain to Mike instead of taking the dog with him on his travels.
Overall the Hornets’ Nest has been a very very good comeback story for the Fourth Doctor.
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Re: Hornets' Nest Chapter 5 - Hive of Horror (spoilery)

Postby Prydonian on January 9th, 2011, 1:14 am

Spunds quite promising, Thete, I still have to listen to the audio series. I am gratified we have them as for a long while it did seem Tom would never do them.
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