The Dark Dimension (1993)

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The Dark Dimension (1993)

Postby RichardB on September 28th, 2010, 3:13 pm

Hello Tom,

I've recently been doing some research into the aborted 30th anniversary special from 1993 called The Dark Dimension that would have been directed by Graeme Harper.

I've heard that original spark of an idea for the special actually came from yourself whilst recording the links for the Shada video back in 1992, by you offering to reappear as the Doctor to mark the anniversary the following year. Vicky Thomas from BBC Enterprises then took this notion to her superiors, which apparantly started the whole ball rolling. I've also heard that it was your idea to try and get the other surviving Doctors involved in the story as well.

I'd very much like to ask what your recollections are of the events that kicked off The Dark Dimension? Can you recall if you made the suggestions as noted above?

One of the producers recalled that it was your suggestion to try and get Douglas Adams involved in writing the script and although they met with him, he decided that he didn't want to return to the programme. Great pity.
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Re: The Dark Dimension (1993)

Postby Tom Baker on September 30th, 2010, 1:24 pm

Hello Richard

Yes, I think all that is true and I regretted it very much. I had actually signed to do it and so had Graeme who was also on contract and a date had been set.

A big disappointment to me as Graeme is a very original director.

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