Would you like Tom to write a Doctor Who book?

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Would you like Tom to write a Doctor Who book?

Postby rawtec on August 5th, 2010, 11:39 pm

This is my post reproduced from 'The Welcome Wagon'!

Tom Baker has been in my life since I was four years old, through the medium of television.

During the mid seventies I wrote a letter for ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, to meet my childhood hero. I never did post that letter for fear that it may actually come true and I would be terrified to actually meet ‘The Doctor’ himself. Now, because of the distance involved and the expense travelling to signings, it would seem that I’m destined never to meet the good man himself.

Now, myself and I’d imagine many others would dearly love for him to produce a “Tom Baker: The Doctor Who Years” book. Yes, I’d imagine it would be tedious and difficult to remember exact details from those years, but with the success of the current show, what a time to produce one and I have a cunning plan.

Seven years of playing The Doctor, Seven chapters for each year with anecdotes and any significant events. Yes, seven sounds good: “Tom Baker – My Time and Space”; there’s a title for him already! He could employ a well-respected co-writer with an encyclopedic knowledge of the shows history. An epilogue of his experience of conventions and the like could also be added! But not as chapter eight, I like seven.... It wouldn’t need to be the size of a brick; small is also good.

It could even be in the form of a question and answer book, similar to Russell T Davies’ “The Writers Tale”, which is basically a series of correspondence emails. Imagine, a Forward by Liz Sladen!

Finally, the joy that he provided during my childhood, it will live with me forever and I'm now living it through my young Son's eyes. I hope he keeps those elderly dear’s nipples tingling. Haha!

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Re: Would you like Tom to write a Doctor Who book?

Postby pattie anne on August 6th, 2010, 1:10 am

dear rawtec -

great stuff. glad you reposted this here. might have somehow over-looked it in The Welcome Topic.

still, once again, welcome!

have fun while you are here ... much to see and do ... and best of all ... all of it having something or the other to do with Our Mister TOM. :mrgreen:

oh yes, would definitely like to see The Baker of the TOM write something along this line.

pattie anne :geek:
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Re: Would you like Tom to write a Doctor Who book?

Postby Marcello Cristiano on August 6th, 2010, 5:42 am

I would definately love it if TOM wrote a sequel to "Who On Earth..." and a Doctor Who book! Either memoirs of Who in the style of the TOM BAKER years video cassette with TOM totally unfiltered. That would be lots of FUN! Or even a TOM BAKER Doctor Who original novel. That would be totally cool. Of course if these things happen, I would like it if TOM gets total control over the publisher, editor, etc. In otherwords, TOM must be calling the shots. What a gem of a book or two we would get to go along with "Who On Earth..." and "The Boy Who Kicked Pigs". :)
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Re: Would you like Tom to write a Doctor Who book?

Postby tch on August 6th, 2010, 2:22 pm

Be interesting to see Tom write a 'Doctor Who' book, as he always talks about ideas and suggestions he made when he was on the show and most of them sounded pretty interesting.

Be cool if he wrote it and included an old monster from the show.
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Re: Would you like Tom to write a Doctor Who book?

Postby rawtec on August 7th, 2010, 7:08 pm

I could only see Tom writing such a book, if he had total control over the format and contents.

The main issue, I suppose, is that Tom has done much more than Doctor Who. Yet that is what he is mainly remembered for. I'd imagine it would become tedious to be constantly asked questions about this show alone.

To write a book on Doctor Who may seem even more of a chore, especially given the time that's elapsed and the fact that Tom has probably used all his anecdotes and memories at conventions and interviews already.

Speaking as a fan of the show and what little I know of Tom himself, if done correctly, I'd imagine it would be a collectors item and sell very well on both sides of the Atlantic, where I believe he has a big following.

I can only live in hope!

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