New 4th Doctor stories

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New 4th Doctor stories

Postby Kurgan on July 9th, 2010, 7:49 am

Hi Tom!

Brilliant news regarding your decision to participate in new audios with Big Finish. You can't imagine how long many of us have not-so-patiently chewed off fingernails while hoping and waiting for this to happen. :) From the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing this. It means a lot to so very many of us.

Big Finish typically releases around 4-6 stories for each participating Doctor every year, and I know that both BF and the eager fans both would love to see you do a similar amount. So, my question is this. Will we be seeing multiple new 4th Doctor stories released, as is typical with the others? If so, are you intending to do this regularly, a handful of stories each year? If your answer is yes, I'll not only be overjoyed, but will very likely throw a party.

Honestly, we fans don't even care if the scripts themselves are perfect, we just want to see (well, "hear") you back in action, sonic screwdriver in hand, scarf trailing behind you, and the TARDIS taking you from adventure to adventure. You've said many times how fond you are of children's stories, and catering to young minds. Well, you may not have considered this, but no matter how old some of us get, these stories help us feel like a kid again. They never get old, and in a way, neither do we. :)

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Re: New 4th Doctor stories

Postby Tom Baker on July 17th, 2010, 11:32 am

Hey there, Larry, thank you. And I agree. I'll send your message to the guys at Big Finish and maybe they can make a new start. They are preparing stuff for me.

I must remember to stand very still at recording sessions. At the last one, the engineers complained of creaking. Carpets were lifted and floorboards tested, nothing. Luckily one of the actors had brought a dog to the session,a charming little whippet called Flopsy. She took an instant liking to me (most bitches have always found me irresistible) and she snuggled to me and whimpered and seemed to be saying : "Oh, my, what a guy, what a guy." I remember blushing with pleasure and as I giggled a bit and reached out to her guess what? Yes! My knees creaked. The problem was solved.

I have toyed with the idea of recording the entire old testament of the King James Bible and I could play The Doctor or God or Dog if you like. What do you think?

What does anybody think?

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