And Another Politically Motivated Question

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And Another Politically Motivated Question

Postby Moderator on June 30th, 2010, 1:23 pm

Dear Tom -

We know you have oodles of political opinions; from your appearances on shows like: "Have I Got News For You," and: "Does The Team Think?" So can you lightly 'roast' for us, one of your 'favourite' current, politicians?

Dirk :ugeek:
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Re: And Another Politically Motivated Question

Postby Tom Baker on July 1st, 2010, 4:17 pm

Dear Dirk,

I cannot trust myself to answer your question. To lightly toast a politician? Oh, no! To hang draw and quarter them has been suggested, but I say "No". And I mean it, too good for them I say.

But it is all our fault. Human beings are so vulnerable to Shamans and Snake oil salesmen and vile confidence tricksters who promise us a better life, and talk of justice and fairness and of the right to happiness, God save the mark! There are even people who promise us that there is no death. How do you like that, Dirk? No death! And there are people who tell us that tragedy such as cancer, or motor neurone disease, or loss of limbs fighting in faraway places are Blessings in Disguise! And millions of otherwise sane people believe it. I can remember my own mother saying to her sister "Thank God, Louie, that we're poor." And some there are who promise us eternal life on this planet: when lions shall gambol with lambs, but not gamble, oh, no! There'll be no gambling but lots of gambolling and fleas won't bite. And millions of us cry out: "Oh, give some of that and here's my money as a token of my confidence."

It's very hot today and we have just washed the dog. And now I think I'll go and wash my hands before I wash the salad. Lawks, it's good to be alive!

Auf wiedersehen, Dirk

from Tom
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Tom Baker
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