Tom has decided to close the Question Room for now. Maybe in the future we'll start it up again - or do something different - but we hope you continue to enjoy the Forum. We will leave the archive here for people to explore if they wish. It was fun, and Tom thanks you for all your amusing questions.

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Postby Forum Moderator on March 12th, 2010, 5:35 pm

Here Tom will answer questions from forum members. He’s a busy man but thinks he could answer about 30 a month. Please follow these instructions carefully so that Tom’s answer can appear next to your question:

When you have a question to ask, click on the current month below and START A NEW TOPIC. Give a brief title to your topic and then ask one question. Please be concise.

In due course during the month, Tom will answer your question. Please do not ask more than one question in each post as this is not fair to other members. Also, please do not ask more than one question per month. Questions which do not follow these guidelines will be deleted.

Tom will not answer personal questions about his private life and he will not answer questions about other Doctor Whos or the actors who have played the Doctor. If for any reason Tom feels he cannot answer a question it will simply be deleted.

Questions will be answered on a “first come, first served basis”, so when a total of thirty have been reached in any one month, no more will be accepted. Any questions over the 30 will not be carried over into the next month, they will be deleted, and it will be up to you to post in the following month if you want your question answered.
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