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Re: The place to talk about Tom's other roles (NOT Doctor Who)

Postby Sarah on February 25th, 2010, 5:44 pm

Lol I actually found cantebury tales quite amusing... some of it anyway, but some of the naughty scenes of which there were many had me almost shouting at the tv 'your not doing it right'! hahaha but we all know what the best 60 secs were :mrgreen: the rest of the cast in that movie were horrific, but I guess the producers were trying to be realistic, i don't think people were very attractive in those times. I have the english version of the dvd and a multi region player so at least I knew what was going on.

I am ashamed to admit my collection is very small... not even a quarter way through all the Who dvd's from Tom's era, I used to have some on VHS but they dissapeared years and years ago :( I bought a few dvd's off ebay but some came scratched and I am painfully fussy about DVD's and all my stuff, hate even a spec of dirt on anything. I bought some new ones from the abc shop sealed. And one of them was faulty. None in stock in any store anywhere near where I live so they have to order them. They take months to arrive and often they send the wrong ones it is very painfull. Their excuse was that people only like David Tennant now so they don't stock the classics.... AHEM :evil: :evil: *swear word* I love David I have all his stuff but to not have Tom Baker or indeed any other classics in store is shamefull. The kids are really missing out these days.

I have the passionate pilgrim on VHS and LOVE IT!!! Oh that had me in stitches... and I was yelling at the silly woman when she refused Tom. Lol pitty it was so short. Men in tights what can i say...
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