Happy Christmas from Tom

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Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby Tom Baker on December 23rd, 2009, 3:12 pm

Thank you all for the cards and warm and affectionate wishes. I do not deserve them all but I happily accept them them. There's hypocrisy for you!

The sheer numbers make me humble and thoughtful too. And I got to thinking how long I have been about the place and how many Christmases I have had. Some of you know how many. But for the seven who don't know, the answer is 76. Yes, seventy six. That's a lot of Christmases. That's a lot of trombones. That's a lot of days; 27,740 to exact. And if I have only told two white lies a day that totals 55,480.

And at three meals a day it means 83,220. That's a big food heap. And if I could I'd raise my eyebrows I would. But sadly I don't have eyebrows. An agent once said to me: "Tom, if you had eyebrows you'd be a great actor." I won't weary you with a list of what I haven't got or what I can't do; it would depress you. It depresses me that I can't even sneeze with my eyes open. I can't even kiss my elbow, or wiggle my ears. ENOUGH.

But I can be grateful to all the fans who remain loyal and affectionate and who sustain me and encourage me. And to you all I send heartfelt wishes for a Happy Christmas and a great new year.

Love from old Tom Baker
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Re: Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby Toothy Grin on December 23rd, 2009, 4:53 pm

Hello Tom. I'd just like to also wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year too. You DO deserve all the cards the fans have sent you as you have have made (and continue to make) a great many people very happy. I'm sure you have got many more christmasses still to come. Don't worry about the eyebrows either. It's funny, because in one of your most popular Doctor Who stories, City Of Death (the Paris one) you notice that the Mona Lisa doesn't have any eyebrows and she's done alright for herself, hasn't she? By the way, it's also a scientific fact that no-one can sneeze with their eyes open, so you don't need to worry about that either.
Anyway, have a fantastic christmas Tom! Have a few sherries on me! :)
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Re: Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby tracy on December 23rd, 2009, 5:41 pm

:D hi tom your welcome and yes you do deserve all the love and affection your worth it . .76 next year and you dont look it .keep warm and thank you very much for posting a messege on here .really apprceiate it and its funny to .just enjoy and would love to know what you had for xmas . thanks again take care to you .sue poppy and the cats . have a great xmas and new year ho ho ho ****
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Re: Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby pattie anne on December 23rd, 2009, 6:00 pm

Well, don't know about you other "Our Mister TOM" fans out there ... but I know I just got my first Christmas wish. Another POST from The Man HIMself. :mrgreen: Holiday moving right along. Very good show "old TOM Baker!"

pattie anne
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Re: Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby madgoth on December 24th, 2009, 1:25 am

Well, Tom! What a wonderful Christmas surprise! I don't think I could want a better one!

Please tell us how you observe the holiday in your home. I should like to know about what you eat and drink, and what traditions you have. I have always longed to know if you do the Christmas crackers and if you wear the paper crown. I hope so. You would look smashing in a nice red one!

I hope you and Sue have a lovely holiday filled with fun and happiness.

Oh, and please do come back soon. It is a pleasure to occupy the same electronic ether as you.

All the best in the new year!

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Re: Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby merlinsseer on December 24th, 2009, 9:20 am

76 , No eyebrows and a self-admitted " OLD" hypocrite that can't kiss his own elbows? Oh the horror , if I'd known any of this before...

. I can't kiss my elbows either , I just had to try and I have to wonder how many other people tried to do it after reading that. Ears that wiggle are just strange , unnatural and shouldn't happen. As for the lack of eyebrows-I really hadn't noticed until someone pointed that out to me . Eyebrows or no , you're still a great actor and my daughter sent these words of teen-aged wisdom, " tell him eyebrows are highly overrated anyway and that's what make-up artists and rogaine are for..." . Besides anyone with eyes like yours has no need to worry about eyebrows. I don't think anyone has ever been told they have an amazing pair of hypnotic eyebrows- have they?

Since we are admitting what we can't do.( clears throat and steps up )...I can't play with a Yo yo. THERE, I said it. Laugh away. I just can't get the thing back up after it goes down, it just dangles there and mocks me Talk about depressing NOW..I have a shameful yoyoing disability that only a master of this elusive art form can cure. Eyebrows and elbows pale in comparison to my failure to control a string and two pieces of round wood .Merry Christmas Mr. Baker

Just of late, I've had the pleasure of watching parts of Monarch of the Glen and while watching it this thought crossed my mind ," My god, he still has IT. What makes Tom Baker such a joy to watch is still just as strong as it ever was " and no amount of days, years,white lies or trombones will diminish the admiration and adoration that you so rightly deserve sir. You have touched so may lives in ways you can't even imagine, my own little life included and for that, this self -admitted humbug wishes you and all those you love only the best and happiest that this season can shower down on you . I most especially wish for another 27,740 days to be sustained with the assurance of your presence here . I know it's a big wish but why wish little? forever smitten , Merlin
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Re: Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby jaybee on December 24th, 2009, 4:28 pm


Thanks for the good wishes to all of us. You absolutely do deserve all of the adoration, cards, letters, etc. that you get from your fans. What's special about you is that you give it back to us; so it's a somewhat symbiotic relationship that we have with each other.

Merlinsseer is right that you've touched a lot of lives in very positive ways.

Thanks so much for posting again -- we live for such things (how sad, but true: we all have lives, but there's that little corner reserved just for you).

To you and your very special wife: have a lovely Christmas and a smashing 2010. Ditto for all of the critters that hang out chez vous.
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Re: Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby rotellaro on December 25th, 2009, 12:05 pm

I lurked enough!


My girlfriend gifted me with a giant poster with you with daleks and an original black and white photo from the Italian Doctor Who Press release and the tardis key.
I hope I can travel soon in UK to meet you and have signed of course :P

Best wishes and cheers from Italy

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Re: Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby Captain Rum on December 25th, 2009, 1:50 pm

Great message Tom :P

Hope you and everyone else on the forum have a great Christmas and a fantastic new year :D
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Hope to meet a nautical cove or two online to chat about Tom, "Who", etc :-)
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Re: Happy Christmas from Tom

Postby Who dat? on December 25th, 2009, 7:24 pm

Mr. Baker,
Thank You so much for the Christmas wishes. I wish you and your wonderful family all the best for the holidays and in the years to come. It is so pleasing to have a Christmas message directed right at me alone! It always feels like you are talking directly to me when you post here. After all, we're all sitting around the table enjoying the holiday meal together today. Great and interesting stories are sure to abound. Please do thrill us again soon with a story that we aren't sure if you're making it up or it really happened for you. Was that you I saw saving a small neighborhood here in Phoenix just the other day? I'll tell you all the story when it's my turn to go.
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