toms winter news letter is up and running

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toms winter news letter is up and running

Postby tracy on February 20th, 2013, 5:32 pm

thanks tom for the winter news letter and what a wonderfull news letter it is .thats fantastic about the angel who put the large amount at the event for the show that was done for st michaels hospicei hope tom gets to do another event as id love to go so please tom please do another as i couldnt make it to the one last october.its also wonderfull news about the sword that was lost in the passionate pilgrim i have that video after 29 years its been found so pleased for tom and the cat and the ipad how cool that is wonderfull to to have a game on .thanks again tom for a wonderfull news letter :D
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Re: toms winter news letter is up and running

Postby jaybee on February 24th, 2013, 4:45 pm

Well, Tracy....

You've said it all; so there's not much to add. I have to say though, that looking at the picture of the cat and the dog makes me want a cat even more than I already did. I've looked up the Burmese breed and I think that I'd be inclined to "join the club" where they are concerned -- if I were to get up my nerve to get a cat. Problem is that I'm allergic to cats. It's not one of those instant allergies, but if I'm in a room where cats spend most of their time (like the family room in my brother's basement), in about half an hour I'm all stuffed up. For me to keep a cat, I'd have to get rid of carpets and fabric furniture and keep the cat out of my bedroom, which, after reading about Burmese, doesn't seem all that fair to a cat that doesn't have any other company.

Gosh, I do rattle on, don't I? Tom, thank you again for a very newsy newsletter. Any chance of the rest of us getting to read or hear the story that you read to the audience at St. Michael's ?
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Re: toms winter news letter is up and running

Postby bonita4k2p on February 24th, 2013, 11:53 pm

Dear Tom,

I read the 2013 Winter Newsletter and thought it was great! I loved your anecdotes about the animals. I laughed very hard at the photos of the Passionate Pilgrim and I enjoyed the story about the missing sword. It looks like you did a great job reading the story at St Michael's, too.

Thanks, Tom

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Re: toms winter news letter is up and running

Postby Betty on March 9th, 2013, 1:28 am

Painting for cats! How come this doesn't surprise me at all. But it sure made me laugh. Great news about the sword. Thank you Tom for working so hard - I'm looking forward to new audio adventures!
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