Who on Earth is Tom Baker?

"Who On Earth is Tom Baker?" & "The Boy Who Kicked Pigs"

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Re: Who on Earth is Tom Baker?

Postby Moderator on April 12th, 2012, 3:01 pm

Dear son of Daktari -

Was curious about your post, so I too googled the Reuben song but under Tom's:

"Blood, Bunny, Lark, Hall."
Tom Baker

page 128
Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?

And this is what I have found so far:

In Nothing We Trust is Reuben's third studio album, released on 25 June 2007. It was mastered in February 2007 by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Engerica, Helmet) in New York. The album was recorded, produced and mixed at Livingstone Studios in London and Soul Valley Studios in Wimbledon by Sean Genockey (Engerica, Smother). The band uploaded short videos on YouTube for each day in the recording studio. These videos are on the band's DVD, What Happens in Aldershot Stays in Aldershot, and can also be seen on YouTube.

But so far no Tom connection, but feel it is just too much of a coincidence to not be from his book.

Ta, for the heads up.

Dirk :ugeek:
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