thank you tom

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thank you tom

Postby tracy on December 22nd, 2010, 3:37 pm


my seeds of doom dvd arrived today and signed by tom .so thank you very much tom for what you did
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Re: thank you tom

Postby MCH on December 25th, 2010, 5:45 am

Awesome blossom ! Mr. Tom, your the best there is at what you do, doctor dude ! :P

Thank you ever so much for not only answering my question on photography but adding a quip with a hidden meaning in it per this statement:

" We live in a little paradise here, you know, and we don't have to get here by way of Kensal Green, which is a terrific relief to me personally! "

I can't descide if he means that he doesn't like going through Kensal Green because it is an eye sore and crime ridden, or, if it is because he doesn't want to go near the cemetery. Or maybe he has an eccentric old aunt that lives in Kensal Green that stops him for a chat and through the course of the conversation she pinches him on the cheeks, pats his face clean with an old frilly hanky and tells him he isn't eating right and that she would take care of him if he came by more often. Lol :)

Of course I could be off by miles here. The traffic just might be heavy through Kensal Green. (shrugs)

Any who Mr. Tom, thanks for being friendly and entertaining. Your a joy !

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