Naming a Real Ale

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Naming a Real Ale

Postby John Hughes on September 3rd, 2012, 11:41 am

Hello, Tom.

I wonder if, during the heady days of the Colony, the Coach & Horses, etc. you were ever a Real Ale drinker?

The reason I ask is that a pal of mine has recently switcheded from his regular beer of choice (John Smith's*), and gone on to supping the various CAMRA-approved libations on offer in our regular haunt.

I myself am more of a gin and tonic / vodka and soda chap, but I am untrigued by some of the unsual names given by the brewers to their concoctions. And it got me wondering... What sort of name would dear Tom give to a Real Ale, if he had the opportinuity? And would the name be linked to Dr. Who or his other shows?

How I chuckle at the thought of going into a bar and ordering a pint of "Harry's Stethoscope", "Brigadier's Swagger-stick", "Leela's Leotard" or "Nyssa's Muff" (the last one might just be a bit too rude), for example....

So, sir, are you / were you ever a Real Ale man? And what name would you give to a new brew?

Yours, in appreciation

P.S. Further to your kind, humorous reply last month, I am happy to report that I have actually "met" a very lovely young lady these past few weeks, and she has kindly agreed to attend my friend's wedding with me - And so enamoured am I that, when it comes to the tossing the bouquet bit, I intend placing her in the front row! Again, my good wishes...

* Other beer brands are available
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Re: Naming a Real Ale

Postby Tom Baker on October 2nd, 2012, 8:16 pm

Dear John,

The Colony Club did not offer beer: not the house style and not enough profit. Champagne was popular and the toast was always the same old joke: "Champagne for the real friends, real pain for the sham friends." It always went down well.

The Champagne group was led by Francis Bacon. The Vodka group leader was Jeff Bernard and Ian Board. Nearly everybody smoked, and the few that didn't never complained. The opening hours were between pub hours, the decor was dark green dark green and there was a piano. The address was Dean Street, above a cafe called Othello. The lady who owned the club, Muriel, specialised in blistering sarcasms that made shy people wince, or cringe or cry.

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