"Doctor Who" going downhill after you left.

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"Doctor Who" going downhill after you left.

Postby metalheadjay on May 10th, 2012, 2:06 pm

Hi, Tom

I'm sure you are somewhat knowledgeable about the decline of "Doctor Who" in the 80's after you left. The really bad scripts, silly costumes with question marks, too many companions, overbearing electronic music that diluted scenes, etc..etc..I'm just wondering. When John Nathan-Turner came on board as producer and made all these drastic changes(many of which didn't work) did you see all this coming and knew it was time to get out before the ship sank? I've heard many interviews from writers and script editors that said John Nathan Turner seemed to be more interested in style over substance and didn't seem to care about a strong well-written story with depth. It has been said that the best stories during his reign was in spite of him not because of him.

Would you have stayed on if someone such as Anthony Read was chosen as producer instead after Graham Williams?

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Re: "Doctor Who" going downhill after you left.

Postby Tom Baker on June 1st, 2012, 10:51 am

Dear Jay,

You are mistaken in thinking that I am knowledgeable about about Who in the 1980s. I never watched the programme then or ever afterwards. And rarely looked at it when I was in it. But John Nathan Turner and I did not agree about anything to do with the production. He was happy when I resigned and so was I. But later when we met at Sci Fi Cons JNT and his partner, Garry became quite pally with me and we laughed a lot. John did seem obsessed with style and so was I. But my style was different: no substance in me but masked by fun and sometimes jokes. I would not have stayed in any circumstances. Enough was enough.

Best wishes

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