The Doctor and Harry

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The Doctor and Harry

Postby Jagged on February 11th, 2012, 10:46 pm

A thing that stroke me through the early Tom Baker episodes of Doctor Who, was that the Doctor would sometimes act with something resembling impatience towards UNIT officer Harry Sullivan the nature of whose offences I never really grasped. Some people, I'm sure, would brush it off as an insignificant and trivial detail -- but then, what are internet forums for if not for trivia? Other people would probably brush it off as the the Doctor being jealous because Sarah sometimes spoke about Harry without animosity.

In particular, there was a scene in The Ark of Space where the Doctor cast a very impatient glance at Harry -- and unlike usual it seemed to be to be unexplained. Some people say that Doctor was jealous about some sort projected romance developing between Sarah and Harry, but to this I just say "Pfew". I don't really know why I say "pfew", as the word doesn't seem to be registered in the Oxford Dictionary, but there it is.

So, as I'm currently trying to finish my ph.d. about the "Relationships between the Doctor and Early Male Companions beside the Obvious Female Damsels in Distress", might you have any light to shed upon the issue of the Doctor's lesser than usual friendliness towards mr. Sullivan?
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Re: The Doctor and Harry

Postby Tom Baker on February 27th, 2012, 6:03 pm

Dear Jag,

You must remember that I came from somewhere else, a place where patience and politeness were not highly regarded. I had also just gone through a process called regeneration and found myself in a new body which felt very very odd. I also felt that Harry was better looking than I was, and I was jealous. Before this transformation I was taller and wore elegant clothes with lovely frilly shirts and spoke with a charming lisp and also dyed my hair white. So I hope you will forgive me my slight impatience with Harry in the early days. Later we became great friends though the BBC did not write about this.

All the best

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