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Questionable question

Postby MCH on November 2nd, 2011, 1:05 pm

My new question pertains to a video on the internet of you getting a bag of jelly babies from two young boys at the St. Michaels hospice signing on October 30th 2011. When you were giving the boys some change from your pocket in exchange for the bag of JB's the one boy wearing the hat, that you could see in the video, had a very astonished and precious look on his face. It didn't show the other ones face. What was his reaction to you giving them money? You could see that he turned down your offer for a jelly baby and everybody laughed. It is such a cute video. Tom Baker and the jelly babies. :D

Thank you Mr. Tom for answering my September question. I realized after I had posted it that the wording might throw you off as I was fairly certain that you probably would not like zoos. I tried to edit the post but it was already locked. It really wasn't about zoos. I apologize if my last question upset you in any way.

Thank you sir. You're so kind and so wonderful and so talented and so wise! :D
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Re: Questionable question

Postby Tom Baker on November 21st, 2011, 11:15 pm

Dear MCH,

I think people laughed because they thought the boy had sold me the jelly babies. I liked the picture.

It was a wonderful day though people had to wait for so long.

Best wishes

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Tom Baker
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