Let's talk cat names

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Re: Let's talk cat names

Postby Betty on August 25th, 2013, 8:26 pm

mikotyk wrote:My cats names are Grimace and Slippers. Grimace was originally called Grim because he was a stray that we took in on Halloween 2 years ago. However, Grim did not live up to his name as he is outgoing and friendly. One day, we caught him drinking out of my wife's milkshake which reminded us so much of the character from McDonald's restaurant that Grim quickly became Grimace. Slippers just looks like, well, as if he is wearing slippers.

It's funny how animals' names often get changed to more fitting ones. My cat Tom actually has four or more different names because everyone feels that their one is better. My sister calls him Frankie (she just wants to differ) and my brother calls him Mr Cat. I sometimes call him Frankosaurus when he's naughty, but most of the time, he's my lovely Tom-Jones-The-Cat. (I'm on holiday, so I haven't seen him for 10 days, and it's starting to get almost unbearable.)
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