did any one win on the national

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Re: did any one win on the national

Postby Jillx on May 2nd, 2010, 11:53 pm

Hi Tracy, I too feel sorry for the horses particularly in the Grand National, so many injuries. and now I'm learning that they are so over bred and inbred, particularly the thorobreds here. They have such brittle legs with so much poundage to carry and they are bred for one purpose, to line the pockets of humans, if they don't, they are are packed off to the abbatoirs, thousands of miles away , traveling with little food or water, if any.
I vowed that, after the terrible disasters on the course, of Barbaro and Eight Belles , I would never sneak a peak again, BUT I did get caught up in the hype of the coverage leading up to this year's Kentucky Derby so looked at the form of some of the runners, I didn't wager, but picked the horse who came in 3rd. certainly the atmosphere is great for the humans, "Call to the Post" bugle, and singing "My Old Kentucky Home'' good TV.
Atmosphere at Ascot is great too with the Royal Family arriving by horse drawn coaches up the track, I was fortunate to be there one year, amazing how close one could get to the Queen when she walked to the paddock, I trust security is tighter now.
Take care, Luv Jillx
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Re: did any one win on the national

Postby Gold Usher on May 3rd, 2010, 3:58 am

I guess the Kentucky was run even though the track was total mud.

*Groans* Oh no..now I hear Abbot and Costello doing the bit about horse racing; in particular discussing 'mudders'.

Mudder and Fodder
Lots of funny horse verbal routines in 'In ain't hay'. Lou doesn't understand that a horse eats his fodder (thinking Bud says 'father' and a Mudder can be a he (thinking of the word 'Mother'). "The horses forelegs are in front" says Bud. "What's those things on the back? Crutches?" Lou replies.
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