Delia Derbyshire, creator of Ron Grainer's Doctor Who theme

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Delia Derbyshire, creator of Ron Grainer's Doctor Who theme

Postby Gold Usher on April 2nd, 2010, 2:33 am

My best friend up in Maine sent me a link this morning to an archived BBC 4 radio show about Delia Derbyshire.
She 'created' the original theme of course for Doctor Who as well as many more pieces of handcrafted electronic music. I found it extremely interesting as it has commentary from her co-workers at the Radiophonic and discussion on exactly how the Doctor Who theme was made and others also.

I know I can't post a direct link, but I was fascinated to listen for the hour about this unique lady with samples of her music.

Right now I'm hearing...."The Tsar's Bride" in Russian with subtitles. I think I'll hang here on the computer for awhile. Not really up for opera tonight.
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Re: What are you currently listening to in terms of music?

Postby Forum Moderator on April 2nd, 2010, 10:22 am

Gold Usher - you're right, this is a fascinating programme and I do recommend it.

I happened to hear it live and hoped it would be on the BBC i-player so that I could recommend it to everybody. However, when I looked online immediately after the programme, it said it wouldn't be on the i-player because of rights problems which is often the case with programmes about music. However, I'm delighted to see that they've obviously resolved those issues, and it is now on the i-player. As I'm Forum Moderator, I will break the rules this once and give you the link:

I really do recommend it - it's great listening!


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PS IMPORTANT - I had to put a page return in the middle of the web address, as it seemed to disappear off the edge of the page. So when you copy the address, you will have to delete the page return to make it work.
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Re: Delia Derbyshire, creator of Ron Grainer's Doctor Who theme

Postby Moderator on April 2nd, 2010, 3:48 pm

DOH! I'm going to tell, the Administrator on you! :twisted:

Dirk :ugeek:

PS: Great stuff. Ta, Goldie and FM. :P

D. G.
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