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The Tomorrow People

Postby Theta Sigma on June 3rd, 2014, 2:38 am


The Citadel:
Episode 10.
Elizabeth Hurley makes her entrance here as the voice of Ultra computer Alice.
The Tomorrow People in its original manifestation in the UK was developed as ITV’s answer to the BBC’s Doctor Who.
Elizabeth Hurley is known to be a Whovian and given how the original The Tomorrow People came about, her appearance in the US remake series feels the closest so far of her being in Doctor Who. Wonder if a Doctor Who appearance from her would one day be remedied.
Also quite surprise to see Ty Olsson, an actor I have seen around, as a guest star here.
Quite fascinating on what we didn’t see at the end of the previous episode Death’s Door but was seen instead with the conversation between Stephen and his father in Limbo.
In a leadership spill, Cara (unwilling I should emphasise) rolled John as leader and she sure had to make hard decisions as the new leader.
Quite good action sequences at the said Citadel and I so saw Errol’s (Olsson) coming in this scene.
It sure was convincing Stephen taking a bullet to maintain his cover.
By episode’s end Stephen came to a dead end in trying to locate his father’s body but is it as simple as that.
Meanwhile Stephen’s mum Marla got a new boyfriend Peter and definitely detected that something was not quite right about him and this got confirmed when Stephen could not read his mind.
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