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Grey's Anatomy

Postby Theta Sigma on May 26th, 2013, 2:03 am

Can't Fight This Feeling:
Season 9, Episode 19.
Guest stars Sarah Chalke. Sarah Chalke had played a physician in the medical sitcom Scrubs. However in her Grey's Anatomy guest stint she does not play a physician. In fact maybe as an in-joke she in character says that she isn't a doctor.
After watching this episode I found out that she had requested her guest stint and the storyline for her character as the disease concerning her character was something that is concern for her in real-life.
In any case she delivered a superb performance with her guest stint.

She's Killing Me:
Season 9, Episode 20.
The "she' of the title refers to Miranda as it looks like she is in trouble over the deaths of patients that could have been prevented. Does not look good for her.

Meanwhile Grey's Anatomy has been renewed for a tenth season.
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