From an Eager U.S. Fan

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From an Eager U.S. Fan

Postby The Weary Professor on December 23rd, 2010, 8:12 pm

Dear Tom,

What a joy to have found this board and have the opportunity to contact you!

Have you ever considered a trip to the U.S.? I live in the New York area and there are often huge autograph and memorabilia shows where celebrities greet their fans and autograph memorabilia and photos for $20-$30 a go. Many beloved celebrities do quite well over a weekend. Would you ever consider such a jaunt?

I ask this out of pure selfish desire to meet the greatest embodiment of Doctor Who, and a personal icon of my childhood.

Many thanks.

The Weary Professor
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The Weary Professor
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Re: From an Eager U.S. Fan

Postby Tom Baker on December 29th, 2010, 5:12 pm

Dear Professor,

I don't think I could face the ordeal of travelling so far. I have been to New York quite often in the days when there was a certain glamour to the trip. Nowadays I associate airports with anxiety, sometimes with terror and always with utter boredom. Everything I hold dear is right here in a little paradise: wife, cats and a dog called Poppy and a woodpecker (Greater Spotted) called Wilf and a nuthatch called Nick. It's all creatures in action down here. Why, only two days ago, I had a present from a horse called Rags! So you see, Professor, it would not be easy for me to leave any one of these creatures for the horrors of an airport, any airport. Travel? There are three stages: Limbo, then Purgatory and finally Hell. I'll settle for my little Paradise and and enjoy all your letters. Goodbye, Professor, and give my regards to Broadway.

Happy New Year from Tom
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Tom Baker
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