Mastering the Master

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Mastering the Master

Postby Jagged on November 20th, 2010, 1:04 am

Dear Mr. Baker,

Before going on to the parts that'll make you sigh heavily and your eyes roll, let me just thank you for turning the Doctor into a mythological figure in my private pantheon, along with Sherlock Holmes, Larry Brent, and Maigret. While very much appreciating the new Doctor Who series, the REAL doctor, to me, will always be all teeth and curls with a bass voice between a wide-brimmed hat and a senselessly long scarf.

Having said as much, I guess I have to pose a question as an excuse for posting here and drawing attention to myself (Conan Doyle and Simenon don't seem to reply to my fan mails). So here goes,

Years ago, you said that you'd be prepared to return to "Doctor Who" in the part of The Master. Since The Beatles can't be re-united by now, that must be my own most fervent wish for developments in popular culture. When I go on about it, though, some people seem to think that it'd be sort of cannibalistic or psychotic to do so. "Pff!" say I (and "hic", but that's besides the point), "if they can't seperate the actor from the role, let's go have a gin and tonic."

How would you envision a Master played by Tom Baker? I imagine a rumbling, bassy laughter creeping into impossible places, even the Tardis itself; an arm of an otherwise unseen Master suddenly placing itself around the Doctor's shoulder during an encounter with cybermen, offering a jelly baby; a squirrel in the woods turning to the Doctor, explaining that it's a transformed Master that'll either be eaten by nearby foxes or saved by the Doctor and kill him in return.

Those are some of my thoughts. What were your thoughts of The Master played by Tom Baker?

Best and humblest and such.
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Re: Mastering the Master

Postby Tom Baker on November 22nd, 2010, 12:25 pm

Me as the master?

Well, I'd be ever-so friendly and funny and kind and enjoy the planning of the destruction of various universes or solar systems. You know, the usual stuff. You see, the Master, just like the Devil, has a very serious duty to threaten and, if possible, to destroy everything that is good. And the goodies must take up the challenge and FIGHT. Result? Drama. Without the Master, without the devil, the goodies would have nothing to do. I'm talking the world of imagination here. So finally I would be just like Tom Baker with a different motive. Also I would have impeccable manners and give gold to good causes, like save the planet or save the children or save anything. And all the while I would be plotting to destroy all the causes I seemed to be supporting. So there would also be simply breathtaking hypocrisy in my performance.

So there, do I get the job?


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