Holmes, Sweet Holmes!

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Holmes, Sweet Holmes!

Postby anthonydpmann on May 24th, 2010, 4:25 pm

Dear Tom... I paid my first visit to London last October, where I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting you - my childhood hero - at the Time Quest event in Hammersmith. I was so very nervous, that I think I stuttered-out everything I tried to ask / say to you! Let's try it in writing :-)

I think (as do many of your fans and Sherlockian enthusiastis) that your appearance as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC TV production of "The Hound" was fantastic and quite faithful to the flavour of Doyle's creation, although I've read that you were quite displeased with your work in the film. Aside from the "Mask of Moriarty" stage play in the 90's, have you had any other offers to reprise the role, and would you ever be open to revisiting Holmes again (i.e.: in audio format for radio / CD / etc)?

You're still my favourite actor of all time, Tom - I'm dabbling in "the biz" myself, playing Holmes in a new film ("Sherlock Holmes and the Shadow Watchers") -- thanks so very much for taking the time to correspond with your fans as you do.... cheers!

-Anthony (in Canada)
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Re: Holmes, Sweet Holmes!

Postby Tom Baker on May 28th, 2010, 10:23 am

Dear Anthony in Canada, Terre de nos Aieux,

I do get invited to do lots of things. But I must confess, Anthony, that I have never really been happy as an actor. Well, almost never. And why? Because I do not like being told what things mean and then told what to do do. And if you want to be an actor, Anthony, that is what faces you. Someone, called a director, will tell you the meaning of things, will tell you how to walk across a room and how to kiss someone. I was once told how to blink. But in spite of total failure I did enjoy playing Holmes. My two favourite actors doing the part are Douglas Wilmer and Jeremy Brett. Whatever happens to you, Anthony, be certain that whenever someone tells you the meaning of anything, he is on the make, he's a seducer and will rob you of something.

Beware. Be Anthony. You are all you've got.

Best wishes
from Tom
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Tom Baker
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