The God Particle

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The God Particle

Postby Who dat? on May 20th, 2010, 2:12 pm

Mr Baker,
Thank you so much for answering my earlier questions. I visit your site almost daily to keep up with all the wonderful people here and your latest exploits.
I find myself wondering if you follow the latest developments in science. The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland/France comes to mind. Do you think there is benefit to come from the search for the answers to those fundamental questions in physics or is it all just a bunch of hooey that will never lead to anything useful?
Thank You for Your Time,

p.s. The God Particle is the Higgs boson, if it exists...
Doctor: "I'm Lord President, and I'm called sir."
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Who dat?
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Re: The God Particle

Postby Tom Baker on May 28th, 2010, 10:17 am

Dear Pat,

What a question! Just remember that the living are just the dead on holiday. We are just witnesses to the decisions that our so called "Masters" decide. And then we find that they like Duck Houses and hot videos and free dry cleaning. Look at Lucifer. Go on, look at that prat. An Archangel! The world at his feet. He sang beautifully, never a duff note, never one, God adored him and I dare say sometimes pinched his bum. And there he was in Heaven with no problems. And what did he do? He bottled it and jumped ship on the pretext that he knew better. He was bored with GOOD and went off to be bad. As if he knew the consequences. He wanted to be a Devil. At least he got that right and I'm one of his fans. And without catastrophe the future generations will have nothing to put right. We MUST leave them problems or what will their literature and music be like? Stop worrying, Pat.

Be Pat, be cheerful and let the future be.

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Tom Baker
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