That Naughty Robert

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That Naughty Robert

Postby merlinsseer on May 5th, 2010, 3:30 am

Dear Tom
My thanks for the advisory warning to not watch your Red Beard Rum, but it came too late, I already saw it. It wasn't THAT bad :lol: ...and you're much funnier than Rowan Atkinson on any given day.
Now I've had a chance to enjoy your book " The Boy Who Kicked Pigs ".Yes I enjoyed it.I'm twisted and warped that way and it can't be helped- but ,YOU wrote it,so I can't be totally blamed for my lapse of mental health THIS time (points finger at Tom and sticks out tongue)
Just wondering what deep, dark well in your imagination inspired (or fermented ?) the creation of the deliciously, diabolical Robert and his wicked deeds ?

Still smitten
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Re: That Naughty Robert

Postby Tom Baker on May 5th, 2010, 1:19 pm


It is much easier to write about Hell than about Heaven. It is much easier to write about horror than about safety. And easier to write about treachery than about fidelity. I really believe that. So not knowing how to write about a good boy I dreamed up Robert Caligari. But I do see the book as a comedy. The volume of violence is to make it all theatrical, ie too much. I hope you laughed. Just by chance I am to finish a new recording of the book this week. Details will follow for fans on the web site.

Toodle oooh

from Tom
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