Jon Pertwee?

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Jon Pertwee?

Postby Ianjk78 on May 4th, 2010, 11:36 am

Hi I was given a second chance to ask this question because I was misunderstood, I was not talking about him in Doctor Who but Jon Pertwee the actor as a person, so here goes:

Tom it is a great honor to speak to you. I think your amazing to give this opportunity to your fans to ask you questions and answer them so thank you.

Tom what is your opinions on Jon Pertwee? Did you get along with him, and was you sorry to hear that he had died in 1996?

Thanks for everything.

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Re: Jon Pertwee?

Postby Tom Baker on May 5th, 2010, 1:13 pm

Dear Ian,

I only met John Pertwee for the first time at the changeover shot in his last episode. So up till then I had no knowlege of him.

Later I met him in various sound studios where we doing voice overs or commentaries and so on. Also I met him on several occasions at Sci-fi Cons. He was always very glamorous and charismatic and he obviously felt I was a bit peculiar. I used to tease him by pretending I was earning huge fees. This made him pink up a bit. But he was the generation ahead of me so there was a gap too wide for us to become friends. But I respected him and greatly admired his Worzel Gummidge series. I was sorry to hear of his death although envious of the manner (he died in his sleep). He did not know the fear of dying.

I once pretended to receive a call from him on my mobile at a convention last year. It was a mistake! But I meant no harm when I asked him where he was calling from. That's where I overstepped the line.

From Tom
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Tom Baker
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