Trail of The White Worm

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Trail of The White Worm

Postby Theta Sigma on April 6th, 2013, 11:02 am

Trail of the White Worm is the penultimate release of the Fourth Doctor Adventures season 1 with Louise Jameson as Leela from Big Finish Productions.
Released in May 2012 it was written by Alan Barnes and it is the first part in a two parter that concludes with The Oseidon Adventure.
Trail of the White Worm sees Geoffrey Beevers reprising his role as the emaciated Master marking the first time that he played alongside Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor since the 1981 TV story Keeper of Traken.
Beevers had played the Master before for Big Finish alongside the Seventh Doctor in Dust Breeding & the simply titled Master.
For Leela her meeting of the Master here rectifies the fact that she had narrowly missed the Master in the TV series when she made her debut in The Face of Evil, the story that immediately came after The Deadly Assassin which had featured the emaciated Master even though he was first played here by Peter Pratt. When Beevers first played The Master in Keeper of Traken he was playing the same version as Pratt pretty much like when Richard Hurndall played the William Hartnell Doctor in The Five Doctors.
Other members of the Trail of the White Worm cast includes Michael Cochrane (Black Orchid/Ghost Light) and Rachael Stirling. Rachael Stirling along with her mother The Avengers legend Dame Diana Rigg will soon be seen in the TV series in The Crimson Horror.
In Trail of the White Worm, Cochrane plays Colonel Spindleton and Cochrane was in an earlier Big Finish story No Man’s Land featuring the Seventh Doctor, in which Cochrane played another colonel.
Trail of the White Worm plays on the Jonah and the Whale tale in which the giant white worm represents the whale.
While it is not bad playing on the Jonah and the Whale tale I find it hard to enjoy this story although quite good placing the Master in it and not bad cliffhanger leading into The Oseidon Adventure.

The accompanying interviews are enjoyable including talking about Tom Baker and Geoffrey Beevers back together as Doctor and Master along with the joy of the presence of Rachael Stirling both being an actress in her own right and who her mother is.
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