Energy of the Daleks

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Energy of the Daleks

Postby Theta Sigma on February 15th, 2013, 11:44 pm

Antepenultimate story of the Fourth Doctor Adventures season 1 with Louise Jameson as Leela.
Written and directed by Nicholas Briggs and released by Big Finish Productions in April 2012.
For Leela she finally meets the Daleks which was something she did not get to do in the TV series while Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor gets to do have more Dalek action. Despite his long reign as the Doctor in the TV series, Tom Baker only did two Dalek stories both of which featuring Dalek creator Davros in Genesis of the Daleks & Destiny of the Daleks. This was in contrast to the frequency of Dalek stories during the eras of the first two Doctors in the 1960s.
It should also be noted that Energy of the Daleks does not feature Davros so Tom Baker finally gets to do a Davros-less Dalek story something that Big Finish had previously rectified with the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctors. So while not every Doctor had encounter Davros but by taking into account all the TV and Big Finish stories every Doctor has indeed encounter the Daleks without the presence of their creator.
As indeed noted by Briggs in the accompanying interviews the Energy of the Daleks title looks like a play on Power of the Daleks. In fact while Power of the Daleks was the formal debut for Second Doctor Patrick Troughton, Energy of the Daleks was the first Tom Baker story recorded for Big Finish even though it ended up being the fourth to be released.
The guest cast included “new” TV series guest stars Mark Benton (who was in Rose, the first episode of the “new” series, another first fact) and Dan Starkey as well as Briggs again doing the Dalek voices.
Overall an effective story with it being a good showdown between the Fourth Doctor and the Daleks without the presence of Davros and also the character of Damien being effective as an unwilling agent for the Daleks.
It is nice to see the Fourth Doctor back with the Daleks and was quite an amusing line from the Doctor which ended this story.
The aforementioned interviews are enjoyable including Louise Jameson being glad on finally facing off the Daleks.
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