Who the Dickens?

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Who the Dickens?

Postby biddenden_sue on April 7th, 2010, 9:22 am

Many thanks for not locking this section yet - hopefully Tom will be kind enough to answer my question, even though it is the 22nd, I think. :oops:

I've looked at your acting history, Sir, and noticed that although you have partaken in several Shakespearean plays, you don't seem to have ever played in a tale by Charles Dickens. How odd! (Please forgive me if I am wrong with that assumption)

Anyway, as I also enjoy a good yarn by one of our most prollific Victorian authors, I wondered, given total freedom to choose, which Dickensian part would you most like to play? Appearance doesn't matter, as it could easily be animated or audio only. Also the size of the part is irrelevant as often a small part can be the one most remembered by viewers or listeners.

A few that came to mind for various reasons (some involving copious amounts of rum being consumed :mrgreen:) are the following:

Samuel Pickwick
Ralph Nickleby
Durdles, the drunken stonemason in The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Daniel Peggotty, the crotchetty old fisherman in David Copperfield
Pumblebrook or old Bill Barley in Great Expectations

or my favourite option: Thomas Gradgrind in Hard Times. 8-)

Your voice has the ability to sound both evil and ominous or jolly, tipsy and kind, enabling you, in my humble opinion, to conqueor a vast array of character profiles.

So, pray tell, Sir, WHO the Dickens would you like to be? ;)

Edit: Ah, the wonderful, kind and wise Dirk has just informed me that you have indeed played Thomas Gradgrind in an audio production. I can't believe that I chose the part that you have actually played!!! Anyway, so now I need to know who else you'd like to play (oh dear), plus I also now know that you have increased the question count to 30 due to the popularity of this section. Wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. x
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Re: Who the Dickens?

Postby Tom Baker on April 13th, 2010, 11:33 am

Dear Sue in Biddenden,

Gradgrind? I seem to remember it was Bounderby, a much better character. Though I like the scene between Gradgrind and Louisa when she mentions sparks in the night! And the poor child engaged to Bounderby. But I think I would especially have enjoyed playing Micawber. I have read all of Dickens. I also greatly love Mr. Toots in Dombey and Son. I have also done a few Dickens recitals. I did Christmas Carol in New York and in Rochester.

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