Message to your younger self?

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Message to your younger self?

Postby anthonyz on March 17th, 2010, 1:14 pm

Dear Tom,

With all you know about life and how it turned out for you, if you could travel back in time and speak to yourself as a child, what advice would you give yourself?

Best wishes from Australia -- we miss you in our hearts down here!

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Re: Message to your younger self?

Postby Tom Baker on March 23rd, 2010, 12:33 pm

Dear Anthony from Australia,

Your question breaks my heart as I realise that I have never understood life at all. It has often been a nightmare in which I'm desperate for some wise child to tell ME what to do. I meet quite a lot of young people who ask me for advice and it always downs me. I honestly have no advice to give for the simple reason it would suggest that I know something about it (LIFE). Oh, hold on, I can suddenly feel a piece of advice coming on. I can hear a voice somewhere (perhaps in my head?) and it says:" Whatever you do don't listen to a word of advice from any old actor." Hey, I think that sounds OK to me. How I wish I could say something eloquent to someone young. The other day at a Sci-Fi Convention a young American said to me: "You know, sir, I don't care how old you look nor how creaky your knees may be or that your hair is white: I just say that to me YOU ARE GOD!

I was terribly impressed and I said: "Which one?" And he was looking baffled. I added: "I mean there are so many Gods, which one do you believe me to be, Dionysius? And he said: "But I'm a Christian, Mr. Baker and there is only ONE GOD, and you are He." So I signed a picture for him and he backed away with great reverence. I offered my handshake but he would kiss my old knuckles.

Sorry to disappoint you, Anthony.
From Tom
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