Toms Cats

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Toms Cats

Postby Aaron J Climas on March 17th, 2010, 1:03 pm


You have been a great lover of cats over the years, I was wondering- do you still have any?


EDIT- Looks like I posted this in the wrong place- sorry!
Aaron J Climas
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Re: Toms Cats

Postby Tom Baker on March 23rd, 2010, 2:03 pm

Dear Aaron,

Cats? Oh, yes! A life without cats is unthinkable for me and the wife. My wife herself was originally a cat. But I tell you that in strict confidence, O.K?

We once had 17 cats. But they broke up into different groups and life at home with warring cats became difficult. So we organised some new homes and gradually peace was restored.

We now have four cats, three of which we took to France and now back again to England. Two cats are ten. If you get my meaning. And one cat is twenty. He is still golden and good and we love him dearly. There is also Donna, a mysterious and wonderful oriental. She had the sweetest miow you ever heard and last week when she was calling for a lover, her voice became deep and full of anguish as she called out: "Nobody loves me, nobody loves me." And then: "Where is there a Tom to help me out?" She has calmed down at last and today we are interviewing a handsome Tom who lives nearby for next time. He'd better be special or no Donna for him.

Have you checked out your namesake? Aaron was one of the greatest magicians ever. His wand was pure magic though in those days wands were known as Rods. Later Rods became the word for guns in old gangster movies. So, are we agreed about Cats?

Auf wiedersehen, Aaron
from Tom
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Tom Baker
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