Faith and Religion

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Faith and Religion

Postby NickM on March 16th, 2010, 11:49 pm

Hi Tom

I once chased you down St Martin's Lane around 11 years ago, in order to ask you to sign a Doctor Who novel for me...unfortunately it was a Paul McGann novel so I wholeheartedly apologise. After that, I often shared a cheery "hello!" with you whenever you passed the Quinto bookshop on Charing Cross Lane where I worked...thank you for brightening up my days then!

However, I digress. My question to you is this:-

You often refer to your Catholic upbringing in interviews and I know your views on religion have obviously been coloured by your life and experience. a Catholic myself, I am well aware of the difference between religion (a man-made construct) and faith ( something that comes from deeper within.) Am I correct in thinking that, although you no longer subscribe to a religious view, you are still nonetheless a person with great faith?
I might be wrong, but I often sense from interviews that you still possess a keen spiritual nature...?
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Re: Faith and Religion

Postby Tom Baker on March 17th, 2010, 3:22 pm

Dear Nick

Do you really sense I have a keen spiritual nature? I have a keen sense of smell and my sight was once very keen. And when the opportunity came I remember being a keen sinner and a very keen penitent. I'm still keen on lots of things but faith is not my forte. I'm toying with re-working the book of Genesis and recording it as God. I love the story of the creation. I love very tall stories about Gods and wizards and miracles, don't you?

Buenas Noches

from Tom.
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Tom Baker
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